Money you - Pros and cons of online banking


1.        Due to a 24 ours and 7 days week access you can easily monitor your account irrespectively of place via online or mobile banking. This significantly reduces the possibility of fraud.

2.    Internet banking allows you to save money you own because there is no necessity to travel to the bank. To carry out money transactions you simply need to set up this service.

3.        E-banking is highly convenient when you need to pay for some services on weekends and holidays.

4.        Due the permanent access to Internet banking you can check your account at any time. This provides the ability for strong audit of your banking account (especially that makes sense when you are waiting for a confirmation about money you have to receive). 

5.        Using e-banking is very suitable when you are traveling, because in that case you don't need to take all the money you have along. That makes your travel much safer.

6.        Online banking is fairly fast and efficient. Making transactions with money you own via e-banking is faster at ATM's. Besides Internet banking allows you to own several banking accounts from one website.



1.    The significant problem of dealing with the e-banking is that in some cases it is hard to ensure whether you did the right transaction with money you own. Mainly it happens at the beginning of your online banking experience. To help the beginner users some banks provide online customer support to solve any problem.

2.        Some people prefer personal customer service, while solving some financial problems or making money operations.