Money you - How to setup online banking

 If your bank offers online banking then you can sign up for this service after opening a bank account. To establish e-banking you have to apply personally or fill out the form manually  and send them via e-mail. Every financial institute has its own rules, so make certain when opening your account in order to optimize transactions with money you own.

 Since your application is processed, your bank will send you a card with a unique login code that allows you to start make financial operations via e-banking. Other banks have additional protection, including a string of random numbers attached to certain characters that must be entered to complete online transactions with all the money you have. In case you forget or lose something you can at any time ask your bank to send another copy, though it can take a few days.

 Lots of Internet banking services aren't available for 24 hours. For example, some banks disable certain services in the evening and late at night. These hours vary in different banks, so international bank transfers stop at 3:00 and can't be hold for the next day until a certain time in the evening. The balance check is usually terminated before midnight. Make it clear that the bank asked about their service schedule and you already know available time to perform transaction with money you own.