Money you - Trends 

 Social media becomes very popular around the world. More and more Internet users are getting engaged with different social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. Today an increasing number of groups in social media offer information about how to manage money you own more effectively and conveniently. That means that a vast majority of potential clients can be fined not via traditional advertising but in these social networks. Taking this into consideration we can predict, that a certain bank will be successful in the case if it will deliver banking products and services into world and regional social media.


Modern business world is characterized by high dynamism and therefore requires maximum speed and ease of monetary operations implementation. Banks and other financial institutions want to comply with the new requirements and therefore begin to conduct the complex of measures to facilitate the transactions associated with the opening of bank accounts and money transfers.


Today mobile banking becomes very popular due to the extreme distribution of smart phones. Banks deeply understand that process and that is why they began to bring online banking services to mobile world. As a result it becomes highly convenient to manage money you have via mobile banking. Distribution of mobile banking caused the growing of popularity in e-shopping, which is changing the psychology of consuming goods and services. Great future of mobile banking is confirmed by the fact, that, for example, on China's Single's Day 2013 total sale's amount of huge online shop Alibaba was 5,7 billion dollars.